Hey, I'm Grace!

I'm the founder and owner of Heart and Soul Media,

my baby and passion. We offer candid and timeless photography 

and films for the in love. 

Behind the Lens -

I absolutely love an adventure.  And I am a sucker for a good wedding. Your wedding day is the start to your greatest adventure in life, and I have a passion for capturing your day for you to remember forever.

I am a videographer and photographer based in Brisbane, Queensland.

But I am totally willing to travel anywhere!


My Story

I have been working in the wedding industry for a few years now, but I have had a camera in my hand telling stories of my travels and adventures for years. I accidentally stepped foot into the wedding industry, when a friend asked me to shoot her wedding. From that moment on, I have fallen head over heels in love with everything to do with weddings! 

Apart from shooting, I love travelling and rockclimbing in the great outdoors!

My Approach

My aim is to blend in on your wedding day, being there to capture the candid moments as they unravel. I am all about those raw, unscripted moments. 

I hope that I can capture your special, moments with you. I want to capture timeless memories that you can look back on when you are old, and be proud of to show your children and grandchildren.

                                                                                             Grace Christiansen